So you have a job to get done – landscaping, earthmoving, electrical, at height, construction, or other – and you know you need to hire tools and machinery. But which machine will be right for your job? And once you know which machine to hire, how do you use it properly?

Whether, for example, you’re a business operator requiring equipment hire for building a driveway, undertaking in-roof electrical work, or you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to undertake a renovation, construct a deck, build a wall, or landscape your property, you need to know you’re using the proper equipment for your job and that you’re using it right.
The easiest way to achieve both of these is to hire from the experts – and in the Launceston region, this means choosing Tamar Hire.

Which Machine?

Depending on the job at hand, and its size and scope, Tamar Hire has a wide array of equipment for hire in different sizes. These range from the larger/heavier items suitable for commercial projects to the smaller/lighter options that will often suffice for a DIY home project.

Our machines for hire include but are not limited to:

  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Access equipment
  • Concreting tools
  • Compactors
  • Generators
  • Electric tools
  • Air compressors
  • …and much more

If you’re unsure exactly what you need, give us a call and tell us what kind of job you’re tackling and what you hope to achieve. We have the experience and expertise to understand your job and to recommend and provide the right machinery or tools to get it done.

Once you’ve hired your equipment, how do you operate it?

When you hire our large equipment – i.e. excavators, elevated work platform, rollers, etc – these have user manuals advising of how to operate the machines and we supply these with your hire machinery.

Our smaller equipment – e.g. electrical tools, high-pressure cleaners, etc – has only the standard safety sticker/instructions attached.

Here at Tamar Hire, we will give you a complete and comprehensive rundown of how to operate all of our machines before you take them, and we will also start the machine up in front of you to make sure you have no issues.

For further instruction or tips, simply check out out “Tony’s Tips” page on our website, or call us and ask if you’re unsure.

Tamar Hire – Our Promise to You

If you need to access high areas around your home or job site, or require landscaping but are not sure which equipment to us, simply get in touch with us and we will assist in this process. We’ll help you to narrow down what type of equipment would be most suitable for your individual, unique needs and also which will be safest and most efficient for both your job and your level of experience.

Tamar Hire will always give you complete guidelines on how to operate the machinery being hired, no matter what it is and whether it is large or small. If you’re still unsure or don’t understand, simply ask! That’s what we’re here for. Our friendly and professional staff are happy to go over it again as much as you need us to, and also give you a few tips to help your job run smoothly.

Contact Tamar Hire Today

If you’re not sure which machine to use for the job, or exactly how to operate it, just ask us! When you hire with us, your equipment and machinery comes checked, cleaned, and ready to operate, and we provide instruction and advice where needed.

Tamar Hire brings over 36 years of collective industry experience to the table, and with our solid trading history of over 13 years in Launceston to draw upon, you know that we are an equipment hire company that you can trust.

Having established our Dry Street premises in 2002, we outgrew the available space, and in 2010 we moved to our current depot at 8 Goodman Court, Invermay TAS, from which we service the equipment hire needs of Launceston and surrounding areas.

For the supply and hire of a range of tools and equipment associated with DIY construction and landscaping, look no further than Tamar Hire.

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