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Concreting Tools Hire – Whether you are planning a DIY concreting project or own a business that requires concreting equipment, you can benefit from our highly competitive concreting tools hire service. From cement mixers and screeds to vibrators and troweling machines, we have all the equipment that you need to achieve a lasting and great finish.

A comprehensive range of concreting tools

Whether you are preparing for poured concrete or you need to ensure that it is correctly laid, we have the concreting tools that you need. From grinding and cutting to levelling and concrete mowing, everything required for the success of your project can be found at great rates in one convenient location.

When you are working with concrete, you only have the one chance to get it right as it sets rock hard. Rectification costs for mistakes can be both time consuming and costly, so it always pays to utilise the best concreting tools and equipment available. Talk to one of our hire experts today about saving time and money with our specialised concrete tool hire services.

Our concreting tools and equipment include:

  • Bull float
  • 2cuft cement mixer
  • 3cuft cement mixer
  • Crete mower/grinder
  • 5hp petrol drive unit
  • Dumpy level
  • Terrazzo grinder
  • Laser level
  • Poker 1 ½” concrete vibrator
  • Poker 1 ¾” concrete vibrator
  • Poker 1” electric
  • Poker 57mm electric
  • Assorted screeds
  • Trowelling machine